A little about Playa Zipolite, The Beach of the Dead . . .

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, on the Pacific Ocean. A little bit about my favorite little get-away on this small world of ours.

Zipolite, a sweaty 30-minute walk west from Puerto Angel, brings you to Playa Zipolite and another world. The feeling here is 1970's - Led Zep, Marley, and scruffy gringos.

A long, long time ago, Zipolite beach was usually visited by the Zapotecans...who made it a magical place. They came to visit Zipolite to meditate, or just to rest.

Recently, this beach has begun to receive day-trippers from Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido, giving it a more TOURISTY feel than before.

Most people come here for the novelty of the nude beach, yoga, turtles, seafood, surf, meditation, vegetarians, discos, party, to get burnt by the sun, or to see how long they can stretch their skinny budget.

I post WWW Oaxaca, Mexico, Zipolite and areas nearby information. Also general budget, backpacker, surfer, off the beaten path, Mexico and beyond, information.

REMEMBER: Everyone is welcome at Zipolite.



Friday, May 19, 2017

From Baja to Zipolite: The Complete Guide to Mexico Adventure Almost Fearless Where is the best surfing in Puerto Vallarta? (Hint: it's not in Puerto Vallarta). Where can we get a babysitter in Oaxaca? (Casa Oaxaca will recommend ...

From Baja to Zipolite: The Complete Guide to Mexico Adventure
Where is the best surfing in Puerto Vallarta? (Hint: it's not in Puerto Vallarta). Where can we get a babysitter in Oaxaca? (Casa Oaxaca will recommend ...

From Baja to Zipolite: The Complete Guide to Mexico Adventure (for Parents)

Where is the best surfing in Puerto Vallarta? (Hint: it’s not in Puerto Vallarta)
Where can we get a babysitter in Oaxaca? (Casa Oaxaca will recommend one!)
Why should we go to San Luis Potosi? (It’s not the town, it’s this)
Mexico has some of the best of everything: surfing, hiking, mountain biking, museums, historical towns, culture, SUP, kayaking, beaches, fishing, lakes, and waterfalls. This summer we’re sending Almost Fearless editor-in-chief Christine Gilbert, along with her husband and three kids (7, 4, & 7 months) on an epic road trip.

25 Cities: From Baja to Zipolite:

-Where to stay (apartments, family rooms, all the best locations for parents who need space and facilities at reasonable rates)
-Where to drink (with kids in tow — we’re thinking gorgeous palapa overlooking the ocean that’s safe for the kids to play)
-Where to get a babysitter (yes, sometimes you want to do an adventure without the kids or have a lovely meal with just the adults)
-Adventures (not limited to what you can do with a toddler – kids come in all sizes and skill levels, so we include it all with notes on accessiblity and difficulty)
-Language schools & volunteering opportunities (pick up some Spanish, become TEFL certified, or give back in the community as you travel)
-Cultural notes (from pueblas magicas to touring the art and history of Mexico, we’ve got you covered)

The loop:
We’re traveling the safest route and making full in-and-back roadtrip with no cross-over. If you’ve ever wondered where it’s safe to drive in Mexico – this is it! And you still get to see almost everything. We begin in Puerto Vallarta (by way of the border crossing in Nogales, AZ) then drive to the Caribbean coast via Veracruz and Merida. After Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Chetulum, we head back via the Oaxaqueño surfing towns of Huatulco, Zipolite, and Puerto Escondido. Then it’s north to Mexico City, then Guadalajara and we take the ferry from Mazatlan to Cabo! From there’s it’s a straight shot to California.
Follow along:
We’ll be sharing 360 video and aerial drone footage from each location — plus individual guides — all summer long. Join us on Facebook for latest updates.
The Guidebook
The full guidebook will be available on September 1st, along with the first issue of the magazine! You can show your support by pre-ordering the book now ($18) or becoming an Almost Fearless subscriber. All subscribers get a free copy!
About the Author
Christine Gilbert has lived and traveled in Mexico since 2008, splitting her time between the Pacific coast and Oaxaca. Two of her three children were born in Mexico, and they are a Spanish-English bilingual family. Her writing has been featured in Elle Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, National Geographic and the LA Times. She’s the author of the Penguin Random House memoir Mother Tongue. She’s considering a second book called “The Taco Diet,” but that might be her stomach talking. Follow her on Twitter.

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