A little about Playa Zipolite, The Beach of the Dead . . .

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, on the Pacific Ocean. A little bit about my favorite little get-away on this small world of ours.

Zipolite, a sweaty 30-minute walk west from Puerto Angel, brings you to Playa Zipolite and another world. The feeling here is 1970's - Led Zep, Marley, and scruffy gringos.

A long, long time ago, Zipolite beach was usually visited by the Zapotecans...who made it a magical place. They came to visit Zipolite to meditate, or just to rest.

Recently, this beach has begun to receive day-trippers from Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido, giving it a more TOURISTY feel than before.

Most people come here for the novelty of the nude beach, yoga, turtles, seafood, surf, meditation, vegetarians, discos, party, to get burnt by the sun, or to see how long they can stretch their skinny budget.

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REMEMBER: Everyone is welcome at Zipolite.



Saturday, January 28, 2017

Encuentro nudista en Zipolite Sutesuaem Mi primer destino fue Zipolite. Por supuesto, visité la Playa del Amor, destinada en general (junto con la barra del lugar) a los y las practicantes del ...

Encuentro nudista en Zipolite
Mi primer destino fue Zipolite. Por supuesto, visité la Playa del Amor, destinada en general (junto con la barra del lugar) a los y las practicantes del ...

Nudist Encounter at Zipolite

This NEWS was originally shared in SUTESUAEM News
 Veronica Maza Bustamante
FB: Dr. Verótika

From the first time I stepped on the coast of Oaxaca, almost two decades ago, I fell in love with it. Of its beaches, its towns, the way of life of its inhabitants. My first destination was Zipolite. Of course, I visited Playa del Amor, destined in general (along with the bar of the place) to the practitioners of nudism. I liked that most of the locals as well as the tourists did not make more of a fuss when they saw other people without clothes and, at the same time, did not force them to dress or look bad on "the dresses" (like me). It was an atmosphere of freedom, respect for the environment and others, simple life that I have not seen on other beaches. Since then I keep going whenever I can.
The funny thing is that 20 years later, when I talk about going there, I still come up with people full of prejudices about nudism. They believe that the nudists go in leathers to the corner store, they walk only with flip-flops and crazy around the area, prohibit access to those who wear bathing suits or have sex wherever they fall. But it's not like that. As Luz Guerrero explained in the portal About , "the philosophy and practice that defines nudity as a natural state and not necessarily linked to sexual activities defends the right of people to carry out activities without clothes in certain public places and considers that denial Of this freedom is a source of social and psycho-emotional problems, such as the presence of sexual morbidity, lack of self-esteem, poor body self-image and exaggerated expectations of others. " For its practitioners, nudity is natural. There is nothing intrinsically offensive or immoral in a naked body, and all parts of the anatomy are the same (there is no reason to hide one part and not another).
In our country there is the Nudist Federation of Mexico, presided over by Juan Marcos Castañeda and created in December 2011. To this day has fifty members who intend to promote and publicize this way of life. Of course, Zipolite is an emblematic place for them, being the only beach that tolerates nudism in our country, so they seek to make it a global destination.
The next weekend, there will be held the Zipolite 2017 Nudist Festival. From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 will receive nudists from Mexico and other countries interested in participating in activities organized by the federation, with the support of the municipality of Pochutla. Among the recreational events to be held hikes are on the beach in the morning, yoga classes, nudists evening meetings with karaoke and dancing, relaxation session, the premiere of a work of nude theater, dance Gelaguetza, body painting With a catwalk, temazcal mexica, a short film about the theme, a talk and three concerts on the beach (one per night).
It will be a space of coexistence to know the stories of men and women, mothers and fathers who have been taking this kind of life for years, and also to give testimony that will serve the research carried out by Dr. Carlos Monterrubio, from the Autonomous University of State of Mexico, on travel and nudism. He points out: "Nudism / naturism associated with tourism travel has been of academic interest to me and to the scientific community in Mexico for some years. I am currently undertaking a sociological study on the meanings that nudists and local residents assign to nudism, in order to contribute to the understanding of the same from different perspectives.
On the lodging, although the demand is already noticeable, it is still possible to find little hotels, inns and hammocks in which to spend the night. If you are looking for an integral experience, the same can be accommodated in Nude Zipolite (Tel. 958 58 43062), with beachfront bungalows, air conditioning, private bathroom, internet, spa and a restaurant specializing in meat cuts where you can To practice nudism; Or in the traditional Lyoban Hostal (Tel. 958 - 58 43177), located at the center of the beach, which has hammocks, rustic, standard or special rooms for groups of more than three people, and also the newly refurbished El Garden ZipoliteBungalows (Tel.9585843169), located two minutes walk from the waves and the sand. The rooms have private terraces and the possibility of cooking in the common area.
Taking advantage of the bridge, attending the Zipolite 2017 Nudist Festival can be a good experience to know a wonderful place of our country, where the multiculturality of its inhabitants is united with respect for the diversity of life forms and towards nature. They do not have to take off their clothes to enjoy their charms, although, in one of those, they are encouraged to sunbathe as they came into the world.
Facebook: Zipolite 2017 Nudist Festival

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