A little about Playa Zipolite, The Beach of the Dead . . .

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, on the Pacific Ocean. A little bit about my favorite little get-away on this small world of ours.

Zipolite, a sweaty 30-minute walk west from Puerto Angel, brings you to Playa Zipolite and another world. The feeling here is 1970's - Led Zep, Marley, and scruffy gringos.

A long, long time ago, Zipolite beach was usually visited by the Zapotecans...who made it a magical place. They came to visit Zipolite to meditate, or just to rest.

Recently, this beach has begun to receive day-trippers from Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido, giving it a more TOURISTY feel than before.

Most people come here for the novelty of the nude beach, yoga, turtles, seafood, surf, meditation, vegetarians, discos, party, to get burnt by the sun, or to see how long they can stretch their skinny budget.

I post WWW Oaxaca, Mexico, Zipolite and areas nearby information. Also general budget, backpacker, surfer, off the beaten path, Mexico and beyond, information.

REMEMBER: Everyone is welcome at Zipolite.



Monday, December 7, 2015

Transvestites — Zipolite, Mexico News reader Transvestites — Zipolite, Mexico.

Transvestites — Zipolite, Mexico Transvestites — Zipolite, Mexico.


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Friday, December 4, 2015

Not much for sunrise.

Tanning day.

No internet today, so I read for a while, then went out and sunned for 30-40 minutes, 'til I couldn't stand the heat.  Maybe went out half a dozen times.  I'm getting darker, but I do have white spots.  I didn't mention this before, because it's not why I'm at this particular beach: it's a clothing optional beach.  Seen a couple girls walk with no top; more sunbathing.  Mostly it's guys, some of them gay.  I'm thinking of dropping my shorts to tan.  Ha! Ha! 

So about 5pm I got a little hungry.  I thought about getting a small plate of fries and a beer.

Walking along the beach, looking for a place to eat, took a couple picks of the sunset and some kids playing on the beach.

I ended up at the same restaurant that I've eaten at twice; there really isn't another decent place, only some so-so places.

As I approached the restaurant, I saw a sign saying something about a show, and I saw some speakers.  Most of these things are too loud for me.  But it's a little after 6pm now, and the show doesn't start 'til 8pm.

I grabbed a seat away from the action, ordered a beer and some 'papas'.  Peanuts and tortilla chips (I don't eat these) on the table.  My order arrives, and they're home fries: I forgot to tell them I wanted 'papas a la francesa'.  That's alright, they were good.  had another beer with them.
Then I kept munching on peanuts (they refilled my little dish).  I was relaxing and didn't feel like heading back yet: I'd been cooped in most of the day.  I ordered another beer.

One of the performers was tuning up his speakers: he had some recorded music playing, and he did a little singing.  Sounded good.  So I thought I might stay for the beginning of the show.  I ordered my fourth beer (these days I usually only have two, 16oz).  8pm rolls around, and they're still messing around.  I'm getting tired of peanuts, but I need something to go with the beer, so I order a pizza (med is all they serve).

The place filled up; and this lady from Quebec ends up next to me.  She gets a drink, and then starts looking at the menu.  I offered to share my pizza (even a medium is hard to finish all at one sitting, and I had no plans to take leftovers with me).  She agreed, and I ordered my fifth beer.

At 9pm, the entertainment finally starts: two guys - female impersonators!  The tall guy is pretty good.  So I decide to stick around.  The lady offers me a drink.  I'm done with beer.  So I order a rum and coke: they're 2 for 1!

I started taking pics, but I'm at the wrong angle: to the side and a little behind the stage.  And sometimes I had to lean out around people to my right.  So they're not the best pics.  But they're entertaining (do the slide show thing below.)

I had another round of rum and coke.  Finally, I went home.  And crashed!

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