A little about Playa Zipolite, The Beach of the Dead . . .

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, on the Pacific Ocean. A little bit about my favorite little get-away on this small world of ours.

Zipolite, a sweaty 30-minute walk west from Puerto Angel, brings you to Playa Zipolite and another world. The feeling here is 1970's - Led Zep, Marley, and scruffy gringos.

A long, long time ago, Zipolite beach was usually visited by the Zapotecans...who made it a magical place. They came to visit Zipolite to meditate, or just to rest.

Recently, this beach has begun to receive day-trippers from Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido, giving it a more TOURISTY feel than before.

Most people come here for the novelty of the nude beach, yoga, turtles, seafood, surf, meditation, vegetarians, discos, party, to get burnt by the sun, or to see how long they can stretch their skinny budget.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Cangrejo ara n has

Mazunte (4/4): Go cro-cro-cro

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A boat filled with ice sank off the South Pacific coast ...

That's what say the people of Mazunte when the sea cools. It is true that in recent days the water temperature has dropped, without preventing us to pop in from time to time (at least once a day, as the sun ...). However, it remains far from the traditional bath Year's Day on the beaches of Normandy.

On the other hand, we must avoid overheating due to brain work, specifically intended to work. But to paraphrase the founder of the Olympic games, the important thing is to participate ... in our case try. That said, our body maintains as it may, in perpetual struggle against the waves and mosquitoes. For the latter, we found the solution against these vampires no thank you, smoke coconut, the juice should be drunk before with a little rum (or a lot if one is Saturday), but as I have stated above, we try to work ... As for other types of smoke, they proved very effective ...

Finally some freshwater ...

Next life, except for tacos fish or shrimp, we also eat hamburgers. But as anti-globalization rebels, we will not at Macdonald , but MacZunte . The fries are made ​​with real potatoes, burgers topped with pineapple and then they can make a beer! Traveling alone restaurant in the village, the MacZunte is located on the basketball court, which serves more dorm dog or place of rendezvous for "meetings" policies. The main village square anything.Currently happening municipal elections, and urges it to end! Cars (two in total, there are only two candidates!) Armies roam speakers Mazunte   all day, chanting pathetic campaign promises. Even speech Sarko are more credible ...
In addition to the basketball court, the village has a football field (in addition to the beach). But on my side, the trauma of World Cup keeps me temporary retreat.

Being a little adventurous, I still finds the strength and (especially) the motivation to continue to explore the surroundings, that is to say, new beaches. The playa Mermejita is a few minutes walk from Mazunte . But the journey is not easy. It must pass through the hill to the rally, and thus expose themselves to abuse of the altitude and lack of oxygen ... Great lanky beach exposed to the winds and whims of the sea, playa Mermejita is an oasis of peace compared to Mazunte , there is one! Apart from this, not much to say except if you like walking in sand. 

The playa Ventanilla significantly more interest, not for its rock-shaped window ("ventanilla" means small window), but because there are turtles (still no ninja but ...)! An ecotourism cooperative collects the eggs laid on the beach. It then allows the tourist, a fee (and yes there is not that carmakers who surf the green wave), releasing a baby turtle (barely older than 3 hours!) In its natural environment. These can now fulfill their destiny, namely to be eaten by a seagull or become a disciple of Master Splinter .

Playa Ventanilla also has an undeniable interest in contemporary Mexican history. There a few years ago, a plane of drug traffickers, filled with a mysterious white powder, made ​​an emergency landing on the beach.More specifically, it is half crushed, causing no casualties, however. Given the remote location and the degree of responsiveness of the police, the thieves had time to flee. Legend has it that powder would have served to repaint lines baseball pitch the home team would have vastly improved athletic performance by more ... The other, somewhat more likely, said that trade in the region would suddenly become thriving ... In any case, the vision of what remains of the aircraft is surreal. Only one wing emerges, some being permanently buried in the sand, the other having been "borrowed" by local mechanics. At sunset, it's like on the beaches of Normandy Version tropics, like what Mexico is a country at war ... against himself.

The rock of the Ventanilla

And against nature ... As I said earlier, HurricanePaulina ravaged the coast in 1997, and the lagoon which is a few meters from the sea, only separated by a strip of sand. Following this episode, the Mexican government has had the good idea to make a resort. But residents opposed and created an ecotourism cooperative to preserve the lagoon and tourists to discover the local fauna and flora, which is not limited (far from it) turtles and crabs. It travels by boat, train and guide as he speaks ... Mangrove includes both crocodiles, birds of all kinds, green iguanas (not easy to see in the vegetation), turtles (they invaded the world!) And mosquitoes traditional, in addition to the flora would alone three special editions in National Geographic . The longest crocodile measuring more than 4m and can be approached by boat a few inches. The guide tells us that they are nice but somehow it is not enough to reassure us ... 

The more we advance in the lagoon is more dense vegetation. The mangrove trees grow anything goes, forming numerous small channels barely the size of the boat. Nature is queen! Whenever a branch falls in the water and touch the ground born a new tree, as you say it is the rainforest! Nevertheless, mangles absorb much salt water that comes from the sea when the waters rise, otherwise much of the wildlife would not be there to entertain the tourists ... The trees also give a (very reassuring) red color in the water. The guide (a great comic decidedly), we say that the blood of tourists is also something .... all passing one of the 200 crocodiles in the lagoon ... Once ashore, it is both amazed by the show we gave nature, and assured of not having served meals to the crocodiles!
Go cro-cro-cro
Mazunte , nature also has all the rights. Must daily resist the invasion of chickens, street dogs (and neighbors), cats, squirrels, and so on.

The last week of my stay was held the first meeting of the circus. It flies in all directions: Chinese mat, jugglers and clowns of all kinds. This is the circus Pinder, but without the big red tent and animals (except dogs that sometimes embedded in numbers). It falls a little child, and it is always an opportunity to party at Luna Nueva , cultural center and incidentally place the most festive of the village.
Before the elections, as always in Mexico, it is the ley seca , and alcohol is prohibited for sale. But the boss ofLuna Nueva still pay it off later on the beach, along with the whole gang.

But it is time for me to leave the country for the turtle that the jaguar. San Cristóbal , mountains, rain and cold tend my arms. Pending new adventure!

A lleno de barco Hielos is hundió cerca de la costa pacífica ...

Es lo que dicen los inhabitants of Mazunte is enfría cuando el hecho In March, esos días últimos the temperatura del agua cayo bastante, pero no tanto para impedirnos of bañarnos of vez cuando in (por lo menos una vez al día como the puesta del sol ...).

Por otro lado, hay that evitar el cerebro del sobrecalentamiento dado por el trabajo o más por la precisamente intención of trabajar. Pero como dijo el de los juegos fundador Olímpicos, lo ... participar are important in nuestro caso intentar. Nuestro cuerpo también tiene luchar that, contra las olas y los mosquitos. Para estos vampiros, hemos encontrado the solución, el Humo coconut anteriormente bebida con un poco ron (o mucho el sábado), pero como lo dije ago, intentamos trabajar. Los otros tipos de humo that Probamos fueron eficientes poco ...

Playa Mermejita

En nuestra vida cotidiana, además de los tacos de pescado y camarones, comemos también hamburgers.Pero como rebeldes altermondialistas, no vamos alMacDonald sino al MacZunte . Las papas his naturales, the piña echan a las hamburgers there ¡se puede su propia traer cerveza! Único puesto del pueblo, elMacZunte is halla in the cancha of basquetbol that sirve más de dormitorio o lugar para perros para sii'dds políticas. ¡El Zócalo stink!

Now están las elecciones in Mazunte , con muchas ganas y esperamos that ends. Dos carros (solo hay dos candidatos) andan todo el santo día en el pueblo con Bocinas that emiten pathetic promesas políticas.Mazunte también cuenta con una cancha de fútbol (además the playa). Pero me removed definitivamente desde el mundial 2010 .
Siendo un poco aventurero, encuentro the fuerza y (sobretodo) the motivación para seguir los alrededores Descubriendo, es decir nuevas playas. The playa Mermejita halla is a unos minutos caminando. Pero el recorrido por los Cerros is vuelve difícil por la altura y la falta de oxígeno. Gran playa expuesta a los Vientos y los cuatros caprichos del mar, playa Mermejita es un lugar de paz in comparación of Mazunte , ¡no hay nadie! 

There are slow, is our fue el avión!

Playa Ventanilla tiene mucho más curiosidades, no por su roca that is a ... parece una ventanilla, ¡pero porque hay tortugas! Una cooperativa ecoturística recoge los huevos en la playa. Luego permite al turista (contra unos pesos por supuesto) of liberar a baby tortuga (¡hace 3 horas nació that!) Pueden seguir al mar Now su destino, o sea serve as a una comida gaviota o ¡ser empezar a disciple del Maestro Splinter !

Hace unos anos, is Estrello una avioneta of narcotics traffickers en esta playa, lleno one misterioso polvo blanco, sin hacer Víctimas. Dado el lugar del aislamiento there reactividad of the local policía, los narcos huyeron sin problemas. La leyenda cuenta that ese polvo para pintar las Sirviö líneas the cancha of béisbol del equipo local, that mejoro imprevistamente su nivel. Otra, más probable, dice que el negocio súbitamente bloomed in the region. Todos mods, vision del avión are surrealistic.Solo dirty ala ahora de la arena, una parte quedándose definitivamente enterrada. La otra parte llevaron the local los ... para vender o recomponer addition carros.

¿ La quinta tortuga ninja? 

Como lo dije anteriormente, el huaracan Paulina devasto the costa en el 97 y también la laguna that is halla solamente a unos metros del este evento March Despuà of el gobierno Tuvo the idea of construir una buena zona Hotelera. Pero los to local opusieron al proyecto y una crearon cooperativa ecoturística, preservar para dar a conocer la laguna known fauna y su flor (no es that compuesta únicamente of cangrejos there Tortugas).

El Guía habla mientras hace Avanzar the Lanchita (y sin motor por favor) ... En el manglar is encuentran crocodiles, aves, iguanas verdes (difíciles worm in the vegetación) Tortugas (invadieron ¡el mundo!) Y por supuesto mosquitos. El cocodrilo lo más grande mide 4 metros y el our podemos acercar of a unos centímetros.El Guía tell our luego es buena onda that pero no se porque nadie lo creyó. Mas avanzamos in Laguna, the esta mas densa vegetación. Los Arboles crecen y muy rápidamente forman canales para navegar of apenas el tamaño the Lanchita. Manda la naturaleza. Cada vez una rama that toca el suelo nuevo arbol a threat. Furthermore we los mangles absorban la sal del agua as a veces llega del Mar. Sin eso, no animal hubiera tanto para entertain al turista. Los Arboles dan también a color rojo al agua.El Guía (a gran humorista) that our dijo la sangre de los turistas comidos por los crocodiles contribuye fenómeno a thesis.
Pero nadie Murio durante el y el tower espectáculo Valio la pena of enfrentarse con unos de los 200 crocodiles in the laguna.

A Cangrejo ara ñ has

 In Mazunte , la naturaleza tiene todos los derechos también. Y diariamente hay that has resistir invasión de las gallinas, de los perros callejeros (o los vecinos), gatos, squirrels, etc..

La última semana hubo el primer encuentro of circo.Mástil chino y malabares payasos our hicieron volvernos niños por un tiempo. También our dio varias ocasiones of festejar en la Luna Nueva, lugar y centro cultural fiesta in Mazunte .
El día antes de las elecciones our toco la ley seca. Sin embargo el bar del dueño our invitara a unos Mezcales en la playa por una de mis últimas fiestas in Mazunte .

Llego la hora para mí of salirme del país the hacia el tortuga del jaguar. San Cristobal las montanas, la lluvia y el frio Esperan me.

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